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Leading Financial Investment Company

The Swiftwave Brokers Group has developed her own in-house investment teams and EA engineers. This dedicated team uses a unique approach to Investment and long-term risk management. Led by our founder, the Swiftwave Brokers team manages all day-to-day trading operations in addition to EA and AI technology development.

Over our 5 year history, we have treated clients from over 86 different countries in the world. This company is managed by the best hands in the field of investing, successfully handling trading and assets management with an enviable track record and 100% assurance of optimum output.

Investing is made very simple with Swiftwave Brokers! It is time to build your own investment portfolio with a self-directed account and save on fees.

Trade Smart, Invest Safe.

Discover Swiftwave Brokers advantage and grow your asset.

Fast Start Bonus

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You can earn this bonus of $5000 once you make a deposit sponsoring $25000 package directly in the first 30 days and loan availability of $10000


You can earn up to 8% bonus once you refer a user with an active deposit.


MT-4 Software which protect data between traders

Experienced Team

Our 4-person Investment Policy Committee, who make strategic portfolio decisions, has over 130 years of combined industry experience. And our executive team has been working together for over three decades. This stability and experience across multiple market cycles help us deliver results for our clients

Exceptional Returns

Over the past years, we have outperformed the average private client investor in almost all periods.

Excellent Service

We’re relentlessly focused on our clients, this means that your long-term success is our main goal.

Our Services

We give you the option to switch investments as your financial circumstances changes. You can change how you invest to suit your needs without additional costs!

Crypto Currency

We make investment in digital currency's very simple and accessible by every one. We do the hard works by investment for you and letting enjoy the profits...


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Escrow Service

Escrow comes into play when two parties are in the process of completing a transaction and there is uncertainty over whether one party or another will fulfill their agreement...

From Our Investors

WHY CHOOSE Swiftwave Brokers

Swiftwave Brokers has an unrivalled worldwide portfolio of developments that include off-plan investment opportunities. As the one of the leading investment consultancy, our extensive track record and our exclusive partnerships allow us to present our clients with high-performing investments company that traditionally would only be available to institutional investors and funds.

Before we launch a new development, we undertake extensive due diligence to ensure our clients can invest with utmost confidence. We balance a regional focus with a worldwide outlook, working with investors to meet their individual needs.

What We Can Do For You

We are here to maximize your long-run economic welfare through investments in reputable assets.

Financial Planning

A good financial plan is the blueprint that helps you make decisions holistically and confidently. We can help our clients with budgeting and cash flow analysis, estate and tax planning, and even strategies for maximizing Social Security.

Retirement Planning

We work now to help you stop working later. Tell us when and where you want to retire, and how much you’ve saved so far. We’ll help give you a sense of where you stand and guide you on the path forward.

Risk Management

Through timely, in-depth analysis of companies, industries, markets, and world economies, Swiftwave Brokers has earned its reputation as a leader in the field of risk investment research and risk management.

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investors can access their investment system via any desktop and mobile browser, user friendly and reliable.

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Best Solutions For Your Investment

Investing with Impact

Enhance Security

We protect our investors with the best sophisticated online protection measures and high grade ssl encryption

High Performance

In the crypto world speed is everything. That is why we build our platform for maximum speed from human resources to A.I integration

Unbeatable Support

Our team are always available to respond to issues when ever they arise.